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Coffs Harbour Who's Who

Distinguished and Famous people from Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour, located in New South Wales, Australia, has been home to many distinguished individuals who have excelled in various fields. Here are some notable people associated with the region:

1. Ben Croft

Ben Croft is a former professional rugby league player who was born in Coffs Harbour. He played for the Penrith Panthers, Western Suburbs Magpies, and the Australian national team during his career.

2. Andrew Fraser

Andrew Fraser is an Australian politician, known for his contributions as a member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly. He served as the member for Coffs Harbour from 1990 to 2011.

3. Norman Landers

Norman Landers, born in Coffs Harbour, is a former professional surfer who competed in national and international surfing competitions during the 1970s and 1980s. He was known for his powerful and stylish surfing.

4. Luke Reardon

Luke Reardon is an accomplished artist and painter who hails from Coffs Harbour. He specializes in landscape and marine art and has exhibited his work nationally and internationally.

5. Garry Richardson

Garry Richardson is a renowned Australian author from Coffs Harbour. He has written several critically acclaimed novels and short stories, exploring themes of identity and cultural diversity.

6. Lauren Jackson

Lauren Jackson, born in Albury but raised in Coffs Harbour, is a legendary Australian basketball player. She represented Australia in multiple Olympic games, winning silver and bronze medals, and played professional basketball in the United States.

7. Christine Breen

Christine Breen is an esteemed academic and researcher who grew up in Coffs Harbour. She has made significant contributions to the field of marine biology and is particularly known for her work on coral reefs.

8. Nathan Salmon

Nathan Salmon is a talented musician and songwriter who was born and bred in Coffs Harbour. He has released several albums and performed on various stages across Australia, gaining a dedicated following.

9. Genevieve LaCaze

Genevieve LaCaze, a professional long-distance runner, was born and raised in Coffs Harbour. She has represented Australia in multiple international athletics events, including the Olympic Games.

10. Rohan Vos

Rohan Vos is a successful entrepreneur who originates from Coffs Harbour. He founded and heads a globally recognized company specializing in sustainable packaging solutions.

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